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Advanced Drainage Repair (Formerly NuDrain Louisiana) is a leader in pipe rehabilitation and trenchless pipe lining technology, specializing in pipes 12″ in diameter or smaller. We have helped countless homeowners and businesses save money and escape messy pipe repairs all across the greater New Orleans area and the entire Southeast Louisiana. Our motto is very simple: why dig if it’s not necessary?

Using our state-of-the-art technology, we first perform an in-ground sewer video camera inspection to fully and accurately diagnose the issue and its location. Next, we rehabilitate deteriorating or failing piping systems using a variety of cured-in place epoxy pipe lining (CIPP) solutions. This process saves our customers a ton of money, eliminates the need to dig up the property, and speeds up the entire pipe rehabilitation process.

This customer-focused approach makes us the best in business and our customer testimonials below are a testament to that!

Our Services

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Pipe lining is an advanced method of sewer and water line repair that allows damaged and weakened pipes to be fully restored rather than replaced! Advanced Drainage Repair utilizes a specially-engineered, high-strength epoxy resin to form a new pipe, the liner is then pulled inside of the damaged one, sealing all the cracks and holes.

Drain Cleaning

At Advanced Drainage Repair, we have invested in the most cutting-edge drain cleaning technology to quickly restore a blocked drain to service and reliably maintain optimum drain function year after year. Our expert technicians are equipped with the right selection of advanced tools that provide the best results at the most affordable rates. There is simply no drain problem that we can’t solve.

Hydro Jetting

We employ advanced Hydro Jetting techniques to blast high-pressure water through your clogged drains and sewer lines, effectively breaking away any and all debris within your plumbing system. Hydro Jetting, which is essentially power washing for your plumbing, is a safe and effective way to quickly clear clogs and restore full drainage functionality.

Drain Camera Inspections

To fully and accurately diagnose the extent of the issue and its precise location, we insert a high-definition waterproof camera into the drainage system via a flexible rod that can weave and twist its way through the system. As the camera moves through the pipes, it provides a real-time view of the state of your pipe system, exposing all clogs, cracks, blockages, and leaks. These vital details allow our team to choose the best course of action, whether it is hydro jetting, drain cleaning or trenchless sewer pipe lining (CIPP).

Drain Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is crucial to avoid costly repairs in the future - not to mention the headache that comes with a clogged drainage system. For our customer’s peace of mind, we offer a variety of affordable preventive maintenance packages, ensuring we keep every drainage system humming along nicely.

Pipe Lining

Do you have bad odors coming from the sewer system? It could be due to leaks or breakages in the sewer system as well improper or illegal connections to the sewer system for storm drains, roof drains, etc. At ADR, we employ cutting-edge camera inspection equipment to locate points of leaks, breakages and faults and then reline with a special epoxy resin to restore full pipe functionality - all without any digging or mess.

our clients love us

21:43 11 Jun 23
M'Liss HudsonM'Liss Hudson
13:04 31 Mar 23
Elderly Uptown residents BEWARE: Wanted to preserve my historic oak with leaking sewer line nearby. Big discussion up front about not damaging tree. Their bid to dig and expose sewer line, place new clean out drain, unclog sewer line, place liner, and refill hole, clean up. Bid: $10,975.99. Crew dug 19 in encountered 4" tree root. Told I needed to find arborist who charged $3040 to dig out and expose pipes for Nudrain after I dug ft deep hole myself. Phil Batson promised 'significant discount' as I found pipe and had it exposed= $250. No clean out drain placed. Also charged $500 clean up fee for replacing some dirt in hole but did not even broom sweep after this. Have 13 ft of debritus/dirt weighing several hundred pounds on drive, dirt sidewalks and porch - see attached photos. Job took much longer than initial 1-2 days promised at start.
Cheryl JessieCheryl Jessie
12:21 27 Oct 20
Nu Drain did a wonderful job on our pipes at St.James Arc. Mr. Darrell and his team were nice and professional. He was easy to contact when needed and he explained everything that they were going to do and exactly how long the job would take. He is true to his word. I would definitely recommend him and Nu Drain .
Tod ClementTod Clement
13:00 26 Oct 20
Nu Drain is an excellent company. I highly recommend them for your sewage needs. They saved us thousands of dollars without breaking concrete with their technique of coating existing pipes to correct leaks and breaks. Talk to Darrell, he is the best.
Gregory BrownGregory Brown
17:04 24 Oct 20
Diagnosis to estimate to work to completion, all handled very professionally & transparent. Saved us nearly 3000 in concrete repairs by using this awesome system! I recommend them highly.
Ronald DupuyRonald Dupuy
01:24 24 Oct 20
Darrell and his crew diagnosed a break in a sewer line under our slab that would have traditionally required tunneling, and then repair. The “traditional repair” cost would have been about twice as much, due to the expense of digging. We decided to go with Nu Drain as it seemed like a much less invasive (and less expensive) solution, and we believed our particular break was a good candidate for their process. While they did run into some unexpected problems, they kept us well informed throughout the process, and worked diligently until it was resolved. If you have a problem of this nature, you would do well to investigate if this is a good solution for you.
Jay DeSalvoJay DeSalvo
21:54 29 May 18
Darell, Peyton and Cole were fantastic. The work was top notch. They were always on time, kept a very neat work site and kept us informed every step of the way. We have a beautiful old oak under which our sewage pipe travels and they were able to repair the pipe with very little disruption to the tree. I would highly recommend them.

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